Inovia Vein

Oregon's Leading Vein Specialists

The surgeons at Inovia Vein are Oregon’s leading vein specialists.  The practice was founded by Drs. Boyle and Jones in Bend, Oregon, in 2006.  This was Oregon’s first dedicated vein only clinic, where they developed evidenced based protocols to treat common vein disorders such as varicose veinsvein ulcers and DVT.

Inovia Vein now has 4 surgeons covering 3 practice locations that can serve patients in Oregon and Southwest Washington.  Dr. Boyle originally hailed from the University of Washington (UW), in Seattle, and Drs. Jones, Gilster and Nicoloff all trained together at Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU).

Together, they offer the most comprehensive vein specialty care in Oregon and Souuthwest Washington with a special focus on providing the most innovative techniques that can be carried out in the outpatient setting with little downtime during recovery.   All have a common background in Minnesota, where they either grew up, went to school, or both.  With time they were drawn to the pacific northwest, and have established their careers as Oregon’s leading vein specialists.

Doctors Inovia


Edward Boyle MD

Dr. Edward M. Boyle

“We knew there was an unmet need for a clinic that welcomed and specialized in patients with common vein treatment needs,” said Dr. Edward Boyle, Inovia Vein founder at the clinic in Bend, Oregon. “Patients had trouble getting in to see Surgeons about vein issues because the surgeons were so busy being generalists. Once we made the decision to focus our practice more on the care for patients with vein disorders we were frankly surprised at how busy we quickly became. This allowed us to expand our services and build out a full service vein clinic driven by evidenced based protocols that delivered the latest, most innovative treatment options for our patients. With time, I chose to stop doing heart and lung surgery and focus entirely on taking care of patients with vein issues.  Since then our practice has continued to grow.”

Andrew Jones MD

Dr. Andrew D. Jones

“Patients generally know if they have a vein problem, but they are often unsure where to go for treatment,” said Dr. Andrew Jones, of Inovia Vein in Bend, Oregon.  “They, or a loved one or friend, can see a swollen leg, brown irritated ankle skin discoloration or venous stasis ulcer. Or they can feel large bulging varicose veins that become progressively harder and more painful as they day goes on. We make it easy to for patients to call and make an appointment. And in most cases, especially for symptomatic vein problems, these evaluations and subsequent treatments are covered by insurance.”

Jason C Gilster, MD

Dr. Jason C. Gilster

“I recognized that in Portland, Oregon, there was a great need for a specialized vein clinic where patients, their families and care providers can make a referral and be quickly seen and evaluated to promptly establish a treatment plan, and when needed, provide the latest and most innovative treatment options,” said Dr. Jason Gilster, of Inovia Vein, Bridgeport Village. Our clinic in Tigard, Oregon, at Bridgeport Village makes a point of facilitating care so that patients can get the care then need for their vein issues. Usually they can get this done without having to take a lot of time our of their busy schedules to be seen and treated.”

Alexander Nicoloff MD

Dr. Alexander D Nicoloff

“I practiced vascular and endovascular surgery for over 20 years at Legacy Health Hospitals in Oregon and Washington where I worked with a world class team of dedicated healthcare providers,” said Dr. Alexander Nicoloff, of Inovia Vein in Northwest Portland. “In this setting I had a chance to see first hand how hard it is sometimes for patients with common vein disorders to get access to the outpatient care they need. In my case, I kept very busy doing emergency surgery, working long hours and operating late nights at the hospitals to care for patients with life threatening arterial issues such as aneurysms and blocked arteries to the legs. I have now chosen to specialize entirely in the outpatient care of patients with common issues needing vein treatments. In this setting I can be more available for these patients on short notice, and can pursue a lifelong interest of mine in offering the latest and most innovative vein treatments in an efficient, and patient friendly environment.”