Dr. Boyle on VenaSeal at the Venous Symposium

Inovia Vein’s Dr. Edward Boyle spoke on a panel of experts on VenaSeal at the Venous Symposium in New York.  The experts included Dr. Kathy Gibson, from Lake Washington Vascular in Seattle, and Dr. Leigh Ann O’Banion from the University of California San Francisco vascular surgery practice in Fresno, California.

Together they discussed their clinical experiences with VenaSeal for the treatment of venous insufficiency and varicose veins in their practice settings.  Case studies were used as framework that led to discussion by the panel and those in attendance about how patients are selected for treatment.  They also discussed how they formulate the decision to treat with one modality  versus the others.  This discussion was influenced highly by the clinical trial data and their experience with this technology.  Finally, technical considerations and tips to maximize optimal outcomes were discussed with questions and comments from those in attendance. 

At this meeting, it was announced that Venaseal has been used in over 100,000 patients world wide.  “I find Venaseal to be a nice option for some of my patients we offer to treat for their venous insufficiency.   Since we offer a variety of different ways to treat veins, we present this as an option for our patients to consider along side other options like RFA Closurefast.  I start by explaining the pros and cons of the various options to the patients.  Ultimately I let the patient choose what is the best treatment modality for them.” said Dr. Boyle. “What is nice is there is now substantial published evidence about the long term outcomes, including the Veclose trial.”

5 year Venaseal Data Released

A few days after this meeting the 5 year data for Venaseal was presented in London.  According to Dr. Nick Morrison, who presented the 5 year data (some of which came from Inovia Vein), “The five-year data support the safety, effectiveness, and quality of life-enhancing capability of both VenaSeal and ClosureFast in treating patients with chronic venous disease.  Furthermore, the data demonstrate long-term, strong, and consistent outcomes.”

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