Why Do Varicose Veins Appear During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, there’s an increased blood volume in the body to help support the growing baby. Estrogen produced throughout the development of the baby also leads to veins that are dilated, so they’re slightly bigger than they would normally be. While that’s great for having a healthy child, it can mean varicose veins and the discomfort that comes with them.

Never Had Varicose Veins Until Your Pregnancy?

If you haven’t had varicose veins before but you’re discovering them in pregnancy, you’re not alone. They’re generally harmless and painless, and most of the time they’ll shrink after you give birth. In some cases, though, they might not go away completely.

If you’re bothered by the way they look, or they’re causing you discomfort, you can have your varicose veins treated in a number of ways that can reduce or eliminate them.  In rare cases, blood clots can form in these veins requiring treatment during or after the pregnancy. 

Reasons Why These Veins are Appearing

Up to 40 percent of pregnant women can have varicose veins at some point during their pregnancy, and they tend to get bigger and become more obvious the closer you get to delivery. That’s due to the extra blood volume in your body, and the pressure that the baby and the associated weight gain is putting on your lower body. These veins will generally be found in your legs, but they can show up in other areas, too.

It’s generally not possible to prevent varicose veins during pregnancy, but you can try to reduce your risk of them by eating right, watching your weight gain, and wearing compression hose.

What are Your Treatment Options?

There are a number of treatment options available if your varicose veins stay with you after your pregnancy, once your body has had a chance to recover from childbirth.

For example, you could have properly fitted compression socks to wear, along with elevating your legs. Sleeping on your left side promotes good circulation and can be helpful, as well.

If that’s not enough to reduce or eliminate these veins and they’re causing you a problem, you can consider varicose vein treatment options to help.

Finding Varicose Vein Treatment

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