Varicose Veins During Pregnancy, a Common Problem

Varicose veins during pregnancy, a

Pregnancy and childbearing brings many exciting changes to a family. It can also result in the development or progression of varicose veins.  This is due to a number of physiologic changes during pregnancy.  The blood volume in pregnancy increases, putting more stress on the valves in the veins.

In addition, as the uterus grows it can compress the large veins in the pelvis, making it harder for blood to get out of the legs.  Progesterone is a hormone that is increased during pregnancy, and causes additional dilation of the veins and pooling of the blood.

Although many of the changes during pregnancy affect the veins, pregnant females can minimize the effects of these changes with some simple maneuvers.  When sleeping, lying on the left side will take some pressure off the large veins in the pelvis, allowing better blood return to the heart.  Elevating the legs also helps relieve pressure on the veins. Moderate exercise is helpful to increase circulation.

Lastly, compression stockings are helpful in reducing the symptoms of varicose veins such as swelling and heaviness.  Although pregnancy is exciting time of life, it can be damaging to the expecting mother’s veins.  Simple maneuvers can minimize these vein problems keeping expecting mom healthy and happy.

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