Patient Testimonials Raise Awareness for Vein Treatment

The rise of patient testimonials and review sites has made it much easier for patients to evaluate their treatment options and find the right health care provider. 

Varicose veins are very common, and often result in legs that swell by the ankles (edema), ache, throb, and feel heavy. With time skin changes can occur by the ankles (brown and red changes known as lipodermatosclerosis). In advanced cases the feet can become more blue or purple, as spider veins develop from the high-pressure varicose veins above (known as corona phlebectasia). Many people with varicose veins suffer needlessly because they are not aware of the procedures that could treat their vein problems.

In recent years, the treatments have migrated from hospitals and surgery centers to outpatient office-based treatments like those offered at INOVIA® Vein Specialty Centers. At our offices in Bend, Oregon, and (soon) Portland, Oregon, we can offer the full spectrum of outpatient specialty treatment starting with an initial evaluation, diagnosis, and when indicated, pre-authorization from insurance companies and treatment. Treatment of varicose veins often includes minimally invasive procedures where the patient walks in, is treated, and walks out, often returning to work or normal activities the next day. Most patients come back in for a follow up and state their legs feel so much lighter, less achy, and have less leg swelling or skin problems by the ankles.

Recently, patient review sites such as,, Google, Facebook, and others have emerged that allow patients to provide patient testimonials and reported outcomes, as well as to rank their experiences. We are proud to see a growing number of positive patient testimonials as it not only provides us with feedback that we value, but also lets other patients who may be thinking about seeking treatment for their venous insufficiency, varicose veins, superficial vein thrombophlebitis, venous stasis ulcers or other conditions.

Healthgrades Logo 2One example is, where we enjoy a 4.8 of 5-star overall patient rating. Recent examples of our reviews include:

“My Experience at Inovia has been nothing short of amazing. A 5+ rating. The staff is friendly and professional. Dr. Boyle explained everything and made me feel very comfortable. They all went above and beyond for my case. I am very thankful to the whole team. I highly recommend Inovia.”

“The entire office very personable and friendly. Dr. Jones is very helpful in his explanations.”

“I felt an immediate difference on my legs after treatment. I am back to hand-spinning, hiking, dancing and feeling all around back up and running…literally. The care was excellent and any questions or concerns were met patiently and professionally.”

“I was fortunate to have Dr. Jones for my doctor. He was recommended to me by my dermatologist as being the doctor she would choose. Dr. Jones did an exceptional job on my varicose veins. Dr. Jones explained the procedure and what I could expect in the way of recovery. I am delighted with the results. Everything is easier with good company and good company Dr. Jones certainly is.”

“My experience at Inovia with Dr. Boyle was nothing but positive! I was tentative coming into this process, but with Dr. Boyle’s assurance and expertise, it became something I was so thankful I did and would recommend to others!”

“From my initial visit through my surgical procedure for Varicose Veins Dr. Jones and his entire staff were very courteous, friendly caring and have excellent communication skills. I would highly recommend Inovia Vein Specialty Center, without hesitation. Bravo, to the entire Team!”

“Very good experience.”

“Listen to me and explained well.”

“Overall, Dr. Jones and everyone affiliated with my care at Inovia have been very friendly, professional, prompt with appointments, flexible with my scheduling, and I feel Dr. Jones, his affiliate, Dr. Boyle,, and Trebor, PA all have been able to clearly explain and answer my questions regarding procedures and conditions. I would definitely recommend Inovia to others.”

“Everyone in the office is so nice, patient, and caring! They all care about me as a patient, you feel truly cared for from the entire staff. I love this office and wish I could see them more often.”

“My experience and results were great! Thanks!”

“I want to commend the staff because they’ve all been just great. Everyone is friendly and efficient. It’s like going to spa.”

“Clear explanation of what medical procedures will be done, what to expect and most important, answered all the questions I had.”

“Dr. Boyle and team were awesome in making me feel comfortable during my procedure!!!”

“I saw Dr. Jones for leg swelling. He diagnosed venous insufficiency, treated initially with compression hose, as is standard of care I understand, then offered to treat it with RF ablation and sclerotherapy. My leg feels so much better. I had a great experience there with Dr. Jones and his staff and would suggest this to anyone.”

“Fantastic experience! Great advice and information up front, simple procedure, and easy recovery. Highly recommend!”

This is not only valuable feedback for our offices and staff, but can also be useful for patients considering treatment, so we are so thankful to our patients for taking the extra time to provide feedback about their experiences. Not every experience is perfect, and whenever possible, if a patient is not totally satisfied we attempt to take the time to better understand their concerns.

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