Inovia Vein Now Scheduling Telehealth Vein Consults

In response to COVID-19, many clinics are calling patients re-schedule appointments for routine care to at a later date.  However, at Inovia Vein, we are offering patient the opportunity to have their visit as a Telehealth consultation. The key message to our patients is we are not closing down.  We are here for you, but if you don’t have to be here, you can be evaluated and receive your vein care electronically if possible. And we can do this now.  

Effective immediately, we can schedule new patients and help them start their vein care journey.  We can see patients with ongoing needs to discuss their deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Additionally, we can use Telehealth for routine post-operative care.    After recent changes, this is now covered by most insurance companies, including Medicare. Once calls are taken by one of our providers, some patients could still be told to come into a clinic for assistance, but most can be treated by phone and even have medications or compression stockings mailed to them.

 To get started, the steps are simple:

  1. Call and schedule a Telehealth visit. Most are for 30 minutes.  You will receive an e-mail notice of your visit with links to download on your computer or smart phone so you can sign in.
  2. At the time of your visit, we will call you phone and walk you through how to gain access to the Healow app.  The Healow app is the secured HIPPA approved video conferencing tool you will use to communicate with your provider during this telehealth visit
  3. Patients will need a computer with internet access, a microphone and camera.  They can also use a smart phone if they prefer.
  4. After you sign in to the Healow app, you will be put in the “virtual waiting room.”  
  5. You will be asked to enter your vital signs.  It is okay to leave blanks for what you do not have
  6. Then your provider will sign in and greet you.  You and the provider will have a confidential video conference where your vein issues will be addressed. 
  7. At the conclusion of your visit you will receive a follow up e-mail 

We understand that some will not be able to download and use the Healow app.  There have recently been exceptions to the rules announced by government to allow us to do this as a Facetime or Skype call as an alternative.  For those who have no video capability, we can discuss if this can be done with simply a phone call (although this is not currently always accepted by some insurance carriers). 

Please be assured we are doing all we can do to be available for our patents and follow the latest, but rapidly changing recommendations and regulations during this time of crisis.

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