Dr. Jones Helps Introduce VenaSeal in India

Inovia Vein’s Dr. Andrew Jones, a noted pioneer in the clinical development of Venaseal for the treatment of varicose veins, traveled to India to help programs ready to implement Venaseal in their practices.

Dr Jones and Dr. Edward Boyle were one of the first surgeons in the United States to test Venaseal before it was FDA approved.  After testing in clinical trials and FDA approval, Dr. Jones has taught many doctors to use the technique in the US and around the world. Dr. Jones traveled recently to India on a tour of hospitals to help launch and teach this technique to vein specialists in that country.

Dr. Jones Teaches First VenaSeal Cases Ever in India

This started at Apollo Hospitals, Asia’s largest and one of its most internationally well known multi-specialty chain of hospitals.  On this trip Apollo became the first center in India to perform Venaseal with Dr. Jones assistance.  Speaking about the procedure Dr.V.Balaji, Senior Consultant vascular surgeon, Apollo Hospitals Chennai says:

The two previous methods of permanent varicose vein removal were more invasive, patient recovery was much longer and procedure was uncomfortable this method is a real breakthrough.”

Prior “Stripping surgery was the only option available for patients with Varicose veins. The stripping procedure is performed under general anesthesia and usually needs a week or two for patients recovery. Other disadvantages include pain, bruising and unnecessary scarring. Secondly, laser was used to treat and seal varicose veins, this was one of the most effective procedure than stripping but requires multiple injections of local anesthesia until the advent of VenaSeal.”  VenaSeal, however, can accomplish the same treatment goals in a far less invasive and thus less painful way.

On this trip Dr. Jones worked with Dr. V Balaji to perform India’s first ever VenaSeal procedure at Apollo Hospital in Chennai.  According to Dr. Balaji, ““We now have a new technology to treat varicose veins. But a lot of people do not approach doctors for treatment as they think that the procedure is painful, complicated and has side effects,” he told reporters on Saturday. “In this, a catheter is passed through a small hole into the diseased vein and the adhesive is injected to seal it.”  He went on to say “This has been time-tested in the U.S. and Europe”    Dr. Balaji also added, ““In surgery and thermal therapies, patients need to use compression stockings post-procedure. This procedure eliminates the use of tumescent anesthesia and compression stockings.”

“It has been a great professional honor to be involved in the clinical development of Venaseal in the United States as the device was rigorously tested for FDA approval,” said Dr. Jones.  “Now that the technology has been shown to be safe and effective after 5 years of clinical trial results and over 100,000 real world use cases, its exciting to be invited to help teach this technology to surgeons around the world either in their home country or at the Inovia Vein Specialty clinics in Oregon.”  Dr. Jones has previously taught this technique in China, Singapore, and other countries.  On this trip, after helping with India’s first case, he traveled to multiple hospitals and met with multiple surgeons and their teams to help them as they adopt this technology.

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