World Class Vein Care That Is Friendly Affordable and Quick

At Inovia Vein our mission is providing world class vein care that is friendly affordable and quick.  Since 2006, our commitment has propelled us to become the Pacific Northwest’s premier vein care provider network. With six office locations spanning Oregon and Southwest Washington, we’re dedicated to bringing you the Inovia experience—an unparalleled blend of friendliness, affordability, and rapid access to care so you can quickly get back to your life.

Inovia Vein

The Inovia Experience is what makes us different

What sets us apart?  Every day we strive to deliver what we call the “Inovia Experience.”  We believe in care that’s not just effective but also empathetic, friendly, welcoming, fun and warm. Our team’s focus is on delivering services that resonate with our unique value proposition. Whether it’s managing varicose veins, performing vein ablation procedures, or treating venous leg ulcers, we ensure a seamless journey from consultation to recovery.  We strive to not only treat our patients in this manner, but our teams, so that we can foster a culture where we all love what we do every day.

We Are Friendly

The best way to deliver the Inovia Experience is to focus on what makes us different from the other clinics.  We understand that seeking vein care can be daunting and hard to access. That’s why we’ve cultivated an environment where every interaction is warm and welcoming with a focus on easy access.

We Strive to be Affordable

It is widely known that some locations for care are more expensive than other.  Hospitals and surgery centers are notiorlsy more expensive to receive the same care as in an office out patient setting. Our office based approach is designed to be cost-effective, especially compared to hospital care, ensuring that world-class care is within reach for all.

We Aim to be Quick

It can take months to get an appointment at many clinics.  When you arrive, you may have to wait and be late getting back to surgery.  On procedure days, your entire day can slip away waiting your turn at hospital and surgery centers that are over scheduled and understaffed.

We strive to be the opposite.  We aim to get you in as quickly as possible. Most of our clinics have same day appointments most days or can get you in within a few days.  Once at the office, we shoot to be on time as promised.  Finally, on procedure days, we aim to have you in and out in less than an hour.  We are located in office settings with ample parking.  So our entire experience is designed to be the opposite of what you experience at a hospital or surgery center. And with our swift and easy to access service, you’ll be back on your feet, enjoying life’s moments quicker than ever.

World Class Vein Care

Inovia Vein’s legacy delivers on a foundation of excellence and a passion for patient-centered care. As we continue to grow, our pledge remains the same: to provide you with the highest standard of vein care, tailored to your unique needs that is friendly affordable and quick. Our providers are the most experienced vein care providers in the region.  Experience the difference with Inovia—where your vein health is our top priority.

Make An Appointment With Our Vein Specialists

At Inovia Vein our mission is providing world class vein care that is friendly affordable and quick.  We focus entirely on managing issues related to venous insufficiency in an outpatient setting. This includes the evaluation and treatment of varicose veins, spider veins, DVTs, venous stasis ulcers, and more.

For an assessment of your visible veins, or to learn more about treatment options, simply fill out our Online Vein Screening Form  or call any of our clinics in Northwest Portland , TigardHappy Valley, Tanasbourne or Bend, Oregon or Vancouver Washington.

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