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Phlebectomy 35

This is a 35 year-old woman who had throbbing and itching from bulging veins behind her left knee. She had ambulatory phlebectomy, which was performed with micro incisions with a local anesthesia that did not r…
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Phlebectomy 20

This is a two week postop follow up after endovenous ablation with ambulatory phlebectomy with symptomatic greater saphenous vein based varicose veins. This is a 45 year old man who had painful calf varicose ve…
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Phlebectomy 18

These are the results of a patient after endovenous ablation of the greater saphenous vein with phlebectomy of the clusters on the calf.
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Phelebectomy 11

This is a patient who had some painful and achy veins on the back of the knee. These were treated with ambulatory phlebectomy. While there are still some small visible reticular veins, the majority of the bulgi…
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