New Year’s Resolution: Exercise Regularly with Varicose Veins!

Varicose veins are caused by lack of circulation in the veins. Diseased veins are most commonly associated with prolonged sitting or standing careers, hereditary factors, and pregnancy. Exercise is the #1 healthy vein recommendation. Regular exercise helps improve circulation in your legs, stimulates blood flow, and builds strength. Low-impact exercises such as walking and bicycling are ideal for varicose vein sufferers.

Other common exercises such as Leg Lifts, Calf raises, Bicycle Legs, Side Lunges can help reduce pain and discomfort, and improve circulation in your legs. Exercises like weightlifting can put strain on venous circulation so be careful to use good lifting techniques and lower weight if this exercise is part of your routine.

If exercise isn’t an option due to circumstances try rocking your feet back and forth on the ground from heel to toe activating the calf pump. Wear compression socks daily if possible and avoid high heels.

Exercise is important in preventing and maintaining healthy legs. If you are interested in learning more about varicose veins treatment options, simply fill out our Online Appointment Request Form or call any of our clinics in Northwest Portland , TigardHappy Valley or Bend, Oregon.

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